Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tooth Fairy and Santa in one week

I was telling this story today and it happened such a long time ago, I decided to find it in my old emails and post it here...just because I am losing my memories of some of the really funny stories.  It's an oldie but a goody!

Most of you know Danny, my 10 year old kid with Autism, has had amazing adventures...and the last one I told you all about was his lucky meeting with his idol, Paul McCartney.  This time, I have an equally cool story to share with you all...we all need to believe...

The past two weeks have been trying to say the least having just buried my beloved mother after a dreadfully long battle with cancer...okay...

We finally get back home and try to get back to our lives but I am still sideways.

One evening last week, our new baby-sitter told me that she saw Danny pull out his tooth and put it surreptitiously under his pillow telling her "Don't tell my mom because I want to see if the toothfairy is real."  Thankfully, she told me but sadly, I forgot.

The next morning, Danny walked into our room pulling down his bottom lip to reveal the gaping, bloody hole where is tooth used to live "Hey mom, there is no tooth fairy...she didn't come"  To which I gulpingly replied "Did you check everyone else's pillow?  You know our tooth fairy likes to play tricks on us.  She's put money under everyone's pillows."  (it's been our safety excuse for years)  So while Danny continued to talk to his dad, I grabbed a bunch of quarters and snuck down to his room to put the quarters under the already overturned pillow in his top bunk.

While I was heading back, I noticed, poignantly, that Danny had already overturned the pillows in his sibling's rooms and the guest room.  Gulp. Oh well.

I was able to persuade him to go back downstairs and check the pillows never know!  At this point, Hallie, my 14 year old extremely hip teenager, is now part of the expedition.  We all ended up in Danny's room when Hallie says to him, "Come on, check the pillow in the top bunk...come on!" So, knowing that he has already done this, he somehow summons up the reluctant "interest" to try again. 

So, he flips over the pillow and there is the money.  He turns to Hallie, who is the only one in his sight line, drops his jaw, widens his eyes in disbelief...and says..."Hallie?  YOU are the tooth fairy?"  To  which Hallie, quick on her feet as always, replied "Don't spoil my cover and don't tell your friends, it's our secret."

Danny nearly fell over.

All this time...all these questions.  And here she was, living among us.

It was incredible for Danny.  He  couldn't believe it!  Hallie was modest in her celebrity...and answered all tough questions, appropriately for the tooth fairy.

What a great moment as a mother.

SANTA vs DANNY (this week really, too):

So, Danny has been asking us for Santa real? What is the deal? My friends don't believe, ect...We have managed to dodge the big ones responding with "It's the magic of Christmas, do you really want to know?"  He would always say "no" and he would go with the conventional wisdom in his teenage heavy house "dude...don't ask...don't tell."

Last Thursday he asked the last of 100 questions VERY  unexpectedly during his Little League Game (really, do any of us have the chance to prepare for the BIG questions from our kids)
He begged "Is Santa my parents?  Tell me...tell me!!!"  Well, no one was around to see that I had hit the wall with this topic...anyone who knows an autistic kid knows that the barage of questions is relentless but...his 16 year old brother had just cracked up the car and though he was fine,  I had just seen the car for the first  time in the tow yard and it was totaled  so...I admit... my head was somewhere I answered with exasperation..."Yes, yes, is your parents"  (for god's sake)... 

Danny was shocked..."It's really your parents?" he said with bugged out eyes and a sense of amazement (but thankfully, not disappointment)... and I said, as I scanned the younger kids from his team in the dugout..."Yeah, but if you tell anyone, the magic is over and NO presents will be there on Christmas  morning"  I couldn't bear the disappointment the other parents would feel at the realization of the TRUTH from their younger kids at Danny's innocent hands.

So, Danny moved on with this new information.

That is until, Friday May 11th.

We were on our way to join Dad in Las Vegas for a show and Danny had to "visit the men's room" before we boarded our plane.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted this small in stature guy with white hair, curly beard, twinkling eyes, glasses, red tee shirt that read "Yep, Im on vacation" and red sweat pants...It was Santa and he was walking into the mens room.

Danny took one look at him and followed him in...I held my breath.

As I stood out there for a minute I wondered "What a great pedophile act..." and I got a little nervous.  And then, the better of me (or my angelic mother, visited me for the first time) said "No way, this is so cool" and I went with it.

When Danny came out, though, I caved into my darker side and asked if he saw Santa's wiener or if Santa saw his while they were peeing...he said "Of course not, I wouldn't look at Santa's wiener," and I responded with "...of course"...I was relieved and felt a little guilty that I went there...

Anyway, Santa came out of the  men's room and he must have seen the look on my face and the innocence and wonder in Danny's eyes.  I said to Danny, "Hey, it's not everyday that you see Santa on vacation, is it Danny!?" and then Danny answered "Hey, Santa, do you know my name?"  Well, this guy must be an old pro at this...and he said "Of course I know it's you, Danny!"...

Santa then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small candy cane and handed it to the awestruck Danny (and looked at me, with my slack jaw).

We wished Santa well on his vacation and walked over to the B line at Southwest.

Danny called his dad on the phone and breathlessly told the story..."guess who I met...Lot's of people think he's a legend, and lots of people think he's not real...but dad, I just met Santa Clause in the mens room at LAX..."

And I thought, it's not everyday that you meet Santa in the mens room at LAX.

I will always believe in goodness and kindness and love...

Love, Laureen